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Get Back In the Game – God Wants To Use You Despite Your Mistakes

God wants to use you to do extraordinary things on this earth. Yes, that’s right…He wants to use YOU. Despite all your mistakes, your shortcomings, your in ability to hit the mark perfectly, He has predestined you to do incredible works, to accomplish the unimaginable, to fulfill impossible dreams. Yes, that’s right. He wants to [...]

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Your “YES” Matters

You have been put on this earth for a purpose. Not to just exist in life or to barely get by, but to live out an extraordinary life – the life God created you for. He handpicked you to be born at this time in history. He placed you in the country you live in [...]

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Make A Difference – One Person At A Time

Deciding to make a difference in the world can be a daunting task and quite overwhelming to say the least! Where does one start, or what can he actually do that will impact people in a positive way? Many fear failure or that their contribution to society won’t even make a ripple, much less a [...]

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God Prepares Us For The Journey

It has been way too long since I last wrote a blog, but better late than never! A lot has happened over the past several weeks. I am learning my role within Destiny Rescue as their senior copywriter and manger of social media. The first major responsibility was to write the content for the brand [...]

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Cracked Pots

Do you feel like you've made one too many mistakes for God to use you? There's good news; God uses messed up people to accomplish His purpose on earth. He actually wants to use you...yes, you! And He wants you to experience His unconditional love and acceptance, too. He can take the shattered pieces of your life [...]

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God’s Grace Is Enough – update from Thailand

God's Grace Is Enough Thank you for your support and prayers! Together, we're making a huge difference in Thailand. Two weeks ago, I was asked to speak at a church in Thailand and shared a message on how God’s grace is enough! It doesn’t matter what storm you are facing, what failure you have committed or [...]

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Great Things Are Happening in Thailand

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” (Psalm 150:6 NASB). Destiny Rescue Night of Worship This past Friday night in Chiang Rai, Thailand was a night to remember. About 200 Prevention & Rescue children, staff and a few other adults packed into a church pavilion area for the Destiny Rescue Night of Worship. We [...]

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Empowered & Equipped For The Journey

These past few weeks have gone by extremely fast. I have been on a tight deadline to get the new content done for Destiny Rescue’s brand new website, which is scheduled to launch mid-September. To be honest, it was quite a daunting task to begin writing nearly 40 pages of content for the website in [...]

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God Changes Us Little By Little

  Cory's new place   The past two weeks have been incredible and very stretching. I am living in a completely new culture, a new house, and have a new job. I also am learning how to drive a motorcycle and navigate a brand new city in a country that drives on the [...]

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Courage To Move Forward

I’m embarking on a new season and a new adventure, much like Joshua faced when Moses died. God called him to lead His people into a new land filled with vineyards, pastures and cities overflowing with milk and honey. Would there be battles and challenges? Yes, but God was with His people through every trial.  [...]

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